About Me-old

Erik Garcia teopathy

I consider myself a health professional and, as such, all my efforts are aimed at returning and/or maintaining the health of patients who go through the consultation. I do not settle for treating symptoms but try to get to the source of the problem through osteopathic reasoning based mainly on:

  • Finding mobility dysfunctions that may be related to symptoms
  • Promoting proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the area
  • In short, give the body back its innate self-healing ability

To achieve this goal I also use Kinesiology that, through simple muscle tests allows me to know which body system is failing, and rebalance it to further enhance the body's own abilities to cope with the injury.


  • Osteópata D.O. Belgian-Spanish Training of Overopathy (F.B.E.O.) Thesis theme: "Effect of the technique of inhibition of the suboccipital musculature on the forward position of the head and the opening of the mouth"
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy. University Alfonso X the wise. 2000
  • Certificate in Ostepathy C.O. School of Ostepathy of Madrid, attached to the University of Alcalá de Henares. 2006
  • University Expert in Sports Physiotherapy. Real Madrid C.F. 2001
  • Postgraduate degree in Clinical Posturology. ITG (Bilbao). March 2011
  • Postgraduate Degree in Myofascial Liberation, Levels I and II. Tupimek School of Miofascial Therapies. 2012
  • Postgraduate degree in Craniosacral Osteopathy, levels I and II. Upledger Institute. 2004
  • Postgraduate degree in Qualitative Visceral Ostepathy. Tomas Hirth D.O. FBEO. September 2012
  • Postgraduate in Percutaneous Diafibrolysis (hooks). Robert Havelange D.O. June 2013
  • Postgraduate degree in Structural Manipulation. Loic Leprince D.O. November 2013
  • Graduate in structural techniques without lever arm. José Kunzler D.O. June 2014

Various seminars and training courses in: Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Neuromuscular bandage, muscle chains, structural firing pin, Kinetic Control, dry puncture, acupuncture, etc.


More than 15 years of clinical experience at the private level with patients of different ages and very diverse pathologies.

Professor of the FBEO School of Ostepathy (2009-2013).

Coordinator of the Physiotherapy Services of the Spanish Rugby Federation (2012- 13).