Learn what osteopathy treats

Below are the most important principles of this alternative medicine, all so you really know what osteopathy treats.

The unity of the body

All systems are interdependent and interrelated. The whole body responds as a whole when some organ or structure is altered.

The structure governs the function

And vice versa. The structure of an organ, for example a muscle, governs function (bending the arm). But if this muscle remains still for a long time, without fulfilling its function, it alters the structure of the muscle itself (its size, its nutrition).


The human body has inherent self-healing mechanisms. But to be able to use them correctly you need all your structures to be in balance.

The law of the artery is absolute

All tissues in the body need good irrigation to nourish, oxygenate and properly remove waste from their metabolic function.

Life is movement

Every cell in our body has movement. The lack of this results in a deficit in the irrigation and death of the tissue.